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Brabham Listings Marque Type Refs
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BT119611The MRD Formula Junior
BT2196211Formula Junior, production model, mostly Ford, some BMC
BT319621Formula 1, spaceframe, Climax-V8
BT419621Formula Tasman/Intercontinental, based on BT3
BT519632First Brabham Sports Racer, 1500cc Twincam
BT6196320Formula Junior based on BT2
BT719632Formula 1, based on BT3, Climax V8
BT7A19633Formula Tasman, Climax FPF
BT81964?Sports Racer based on BT5 with Climax 2 litre or larger
BT9196413Formula 3 based on BT6 Junior
BT10196417Formula 2, 1-litre Cosworth SCA, based on BT6 but with stressed panels
BT111964-685Formula 1, customer car then used by works, Climax V8, 2.5/2.7 Climax FPF(1966-67), 2 BRM
BT11A19645Formula Tasman/Libre version of BT11, Climax FPF
BT1219641Indy Car, Offenhauser
BT13none0not allocated
BT141965-6610Formula Libre?
BT151965-6658Formula 3 drawing from BT16 and BT14, Cosworth
BT16196512Formula 2, Cosworth, 2 Honda
BT16A196521Formula 3, Cosworth MAE
BT1719661Sports Racer, Repco V8
BT1819666Formula 2, Cosworth, 2 Honda
BT18A196632Formula 3, variant of F2 car
BT18B19668Formula B, Lotus twincam
BT1919661Formula 1, originally for Climax H16; first Repco V8 car
BT2019662Formula 1, similar to BT19
BT211966-6750Formula 3, Cosworth MAE, Lucas, or Holbay
BT21A1967-6810Formula Libre, Lotus Twincam, FT-200
BT21B1967-6831Formula 3/C for USA
BT21C1967-6818Formula Libre, Lotus twincam, Hewland Mk5
BT21X19671Formula 3 prototype
BT2219661Formula Tasman, stopgap, Climax-FPF
BT2319679Formula 2, stressed panels on spaceframe, Cosworth FVA
BT23A19671Formula Tasman, Repco V8
BT23B19673Formula B/Tasman, Climax FPF
BT23C196813Formula 2, Cosworth FVA
BT23D19671Formula Tasman, Alfa Tipo 33
BT23E19671Formula Tasman, Repco V8
BT23F19681Formula B, Lotus twincam, FT-200
BT23G19682Formula B, Lotus twincam, Hewland Mk5
BT2419673Formula 1, Repco, based on BT23
BT2519672Indy car, Repco V8
BT2619683Formula 1, originally Repco 4-cam powered  BT26 History
BT26A19694?Formula 1, DFV-powered BT26 of which there were two
BT27??not allocated, proposed Group 7 sportscar?
BT281969-70?Formula 3
BT291969?Formula B, Lotus twincam
BT3019698Formula 2, Cosworth FVA, aluminum fuel tanks
BT30 Series 2196916Formula 2, Cosworth FVA, bag fuel tanks
BT311968?Formula Tasman, Repco V8
BT331970-713Formula 1, first monocoque Brabham
BT3419711Formula 1, "lobster-claw" car
BT351971?F3/FB/FAtlantic, spaceframe
BT35X19711Built as one off Sprint car with Repco 5 Litre V8
BT36197112Formula 2, similar to BT35, one built in 1970 as BT30-27, a BT36X was also built which may have been BT36-2
BT3719722Formula 1, revised BT34
BT381972?Formula 2/3/B/Atlantic, first production monocoque
BT3919721Formula 1 prototype, Ford/Weslake V12 BT38-like chassis, unraced
BT401973?Formula 2, BDA some BMW
BT40B1973?Formula B
BT411973?Formula 3, variant of BT40, last customer car save F1
BT421973-746Formula 1 first Gordon Murray car, pyramid monocoque DFV
BT4319741F5000 car based on F1 principles
BT4419744Formula 1, developed BT42
BT44B19754Formula 1, revised BT44
BT4519765Formula 1, Alfa flat-12
BT45B19771revised BT45 Formula 1
BT45C19782revised BT45B Formula 1
BT4619788Formula 1, surface cooling, Alfa flat-12
BT46B19781Formula 1 "Fan Car" Alfa flat-12
BT47None0Scrapped F1 project, another "fan car"
BT4819794Formula 1 ground effect, all types Alfa V12
BT491979-8218Formula 1 ground effect, DFV
BT49C1981^BT49 with more carbon parts
BT49C1982^lighter BT49 with carbon brakes
BT501981-825BMW turbo F1 car (built '81; raced '82)
BT5119831Formula 1, ground-effect refuelling BMW, unraced
BT5219836Flat-bottom F1, Piquet championship
BT531984?Formula 1, BMW
BT5419859Formula 1, BMW
BT5519868Formula 1, "lowline", BMW, last Gordon Murray, first all-carbon
BT561987?Formula 1, BMW, (North/Rinland/Baldwin)
BT57?2Procar, Alfa V10-powered, Alfa 164 body, stillborn series
BT581989-90?Formula 1, Judd CV-powered
BT591990?Formula 1, Judd EV-powered
BT59Y1991?Formula 1, Yamaha V12-powered interim car
BT60Y1991?Formula 1, Yamaha V12-powered
BT60B1992?Formula 1, Judd-V10 powered, the last Brabham?
This index has been put together from a variety of sources to whom we are grateful.
Special thanks to Dave Irwin of Lime Rock Motors who provided extensive updates to the first draft.
Thanks to Tobias Johnsson for production totals on many of the later cars.
Thanks to Andrew Fellowes for details on the BT30 and BT36.
Please inform us of any errors or omissions via email inquiry@race-cars.com .

Brabham Listings Marque Type Refs

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