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McLaren Type Reference

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none1963-642Formula Tasman, "Bruce McLaren Motors Racing" special, built at Cooper, 2.5 Climax FPF, Colotti, assigned T70 number by Cooper
none19641Sports Car, "Zerex Special" also "Cooper Oldsmobile" substantially redesigned by Bruce, originally Cooper T53 F1, then Penkse converted to center-seat sports racer, bought from John Mecom, new chassis center section, 3.5 litre Traco Olds, Colotti from Tasman Special, won both heats Mosport '64
GTX1964-651Group 7 Sports Car, Ford contract to produce a lightweight GT-40-based open car
M119641Group 7 Sports Car prototype, Owen Maddock freelance, tube frame, 3.9 then 4.5 litre Traco Olds, Hewland HD
M1A1964-6524Group 7 sports car, productionised as McLaren-Elva-Oldsmobile Mark 1, versions also with Ford V8 and Chevy V8 engines.
M1B1965-6628Group 7 Sports Car, Michael Turner rebodied development of M1A sports car, sold in US as McLaren-Elva Mark 2
M1C196725Group 7 Sports Car, Trojan-built spaceframe customer CanAm cars, sold in US as Mark 3s
M2A19651Formula 1 prototype, Robin Herd's l965 Firestone tyre test car, Mallite monocoque chassis, Traco-Olds and Ford V8 engines
M2B19662-3Formula 1, works team Mallite monocoques intended for Ford Indy V8 power, also used Serenissima V8
M3/3A19663Formula Libre/Hillclimb/MGM Camera Cars, whoosh-bonk spaceframes, 4 litre Traco Olds, ZF
M4A196710+Formual 2/B/3, Robin Herd bathtub monocoque car, Cosworth FVA, works and Trojan production versions
M4B19671Formula 1, M4A developed with 2.1 BRM V8 engine as works interim car, written off
M5A19671Formula 1, Robin's 1967 one-off works team Fl monocoque with 3.0 BRM V12 engine sold on to Jo Bonnier
M6A19673Sports Car, CanAm Champion monocoque-chassised, Chevlolet V8, first orange cars
M6B196828Sports Car, Trojan production version of the Championship-winning M6A design
M6GT19694Sports Car, Coupe based on the CanAm production sports-racing tub, prototype sold to David Prophet who raced it, later converting it to open form
M7A19684Formula 1, Robin Herd's final McLaren design, Cosworth-DFV
M7B19691Formula 1, integral sponson fuel-tanked experiment sold to Antique Automobiles F1 team, written-off
M7C1969-701Formula 1, Formula 5000-based full monocoque version of M7-series for Bruce's use 1969, sold to John Surtees 1970, then Bonnier
M7D19701Formula 1, Alfa-Romeo V8-engined version interim car
M8A19683Sports Car, works CanAm Champion cars, semi-stressed engine, Jo Marquart design
M8B19693Sports Car, CanAm Champion winged cars unbeaten in the series
M8C197015Sports Car, Trojan production version of the M8A with non-stressed engine mounting to allow customers to fit alternate units
M8D1970?Sports Car, works CanAm Champion sports cars, "Batmobile" finned bodies, Bruce McLaren killed testing one
M8E1971?Sports Car, Trojan production CanAm cars based on M8D
M8F1971?Sports Car, CanAm Champion works cars
M8FP1972?Sports Car, Trojan production CanAm cars
M9A19691Formula 1, Jo Marquart's experimental four-wheel drive chassis, Cosworth DFV
M10A196917Formula 5000, Gordon Coppuck's production customer car
M10B197021Formula 5000, similar to M10A, produced by Trojan
M11none0Designation not used due to possible confusion with "Mark II"
M12196915Sports Car, Trojan production CanAm sports car, M8-type body clothing M6-series monocoque
M13none0Designation not used
M14A19703-5Formula 1, works cars, Cosworth DFV, M7 derived
M14D19701Formula 1, Alfa Romeo V8-powered version used with M7D
M15/A19703Indy Car, Gordon Coppuck's design using Offenhauser 4-cylinder turbocharged engines
M16A1971?Indy Car, wedge-shaped cars using turbo-Offy power again, works and Penske team, very successful
M16B1972?Indy Car, as with whole series, all built at McLaren for either works or Penske teams, no customer cars
M16C19736Indy Car
M16C/D1974?Indy Car
M16E1975-76?Indy Car, John Barnard reworked
M17none0Sports Car, Designation allocated to 3-litre prototype but project abandoned
M181971?Formula 5000, Trojan production customer car
M19A/C1971-734Formula 1, Ralph Bellamy's works car with DFV power and initially rising-rate suspension
M2019723Sports Car, CanAm Championship defender with "coke-bottle" planform, low polar moment chassis, beaten by the turbo Porsches
M2119721Formula 2, 1972 Bellamy-designed works F2 car, Broadspeed BDA, planned for production by Trojan, formed basis of 1973 Trojan (non-McLaren) F5000 car
M221972?Formula 5000, Trojan production customer car
M23197313Formula 1, works car won '74 and '76 championships (Emerson and Hunt), One of the classic Grand Prix cars of all time, 16 GP victories
M241977?Indy Car, Cosworth DFX turbocharged V8, developed into M24B in 1978, type based on M23 experience
M2519751Formula 5000, John Barnard's still-born design based on M23 experience
M261976-787Formula 1, Gordon Coppuck's M23 replacement, obsoleted by Lotus ground effects cars
M271978?Formula 1, shelved M26 replacement, non ground-effccts design
M2819793Formula 1, ground-effects car, a disastrous failure, poor Tambay and Watson
M29/C1979-815Formula 1, hasty "Williams-copy" ground-effects
M3019801Formula 1, advanced ground-effects car intended to revive McLaren, failed, written-off US GP East '80
MP4/1/B/C1981-838Formula 1, John Barnard's innovative carbon-fibre monocoque Marboro-Project 4 car produced by McLaren International
MP4/1D1983?Formula 1, TAG-Porsche turbo test car
MP4/1E1983?Formula 1, Interim TAG-Porsche turbo race cars for late '83
MP4/2/B/C1984-86?Formula 1, all new Barnard design for TAG turbo era, 2 Constructors and 3 Drivers Championships in 3 years
MP4/31987?Formula 1, Steve Nichols design, TAG at the end of it's life, distant 2nd in Constructors to Williams
MP4/41988?Formula 1, Gordon Murray supervised Nichols design, Honda RA168-E V6, Prost and Senna won 15 of 16
MP4/5/B1989-90?Formula 1, Neil Oatley designed, Honda RA109 aspro V10, Prost and Senna 10 wins, Constructor's
MP4/61991?Formula 1, Honda V12
MP4/71992?Formula 1, Honda V12
F11992-9864Sports Car, BMW 6.1 litre V12 3 seater, 5 prototypes, 1 destroyed (XP1)
MP4/81993?Formula 1, Ford HB
MP4/91994?Formula 1, Peugeot V10
MP4/10(B)1995?Formula 1, Mercedes V10
F1 GTR 9519959Sports Car, racing version of F1, 1995 LeMans 24 hours pos 1,3,4,5 1 LM prototype
MP4/111996?Formula 1
F1 GTR 9619969Sports Car, racing version of F1, 1996 LeMans 24 hours pos 4,5,6
F1 LM19965Sports Car
MP4/121997?Formula 1
F1 GTR 97199710Sports Car, racing version of F1, 1997 LeMans 24 hours pos 2,3
F1 GT19973"Long Tail" 1 prototype, likely speed in excess of 245
MP4/131998?Formula 1 - Constructors Championship
MP4/141999?Formula 1 - Constructors Championship
MP4/152000?Formula 1
MP4/162001?Formula 1
MP4/1720029Formula 1
MP4/17D20036Formula 1 (rebuilt MP4/17s)
MP4/18 /A2003?Formula 1, did not manage crashtest
MP4/1920045Formula 1
MP4/19/B2004?Formula 1
This index has been put together from a variety of sources to whom we are grateful.
Thanks to Tobias Johnsson of Sweden for providing recent updates.
Please inform us of any errors or omissions via email inquiry@race-cars.com .

View McLaren Cars Listing Marque Type Refs

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